Looking at Tiva pins

Posted at 2014-10-30.

If I was to attach anything to the Tiva LP, I'll need to pick the pins to use. I wanted to get a bit more familiar with the board pinouts today.

Looking at the Energia pin maps for Tiva Launchpad a lot of ports are scattered around. I expect switching pins and ports will be doable later and I can ignore most peripherals.

They seem to number J1 as 1..10, J2 as 11..20, J3 as 21..30 and J4 as 31..40. That seems convenient enough. In the actual connectors the numbers will go round like in a DIP chip. There are soft of two sets, outer and inner, that probably match the TI vision of "booster pack" connectors.

Unusable pins:

Ports with pins:

Mostly PF is taken by the buttons and LEDs. Nearly none of these look like they're in consecutive spots.

Being a modern sort of controller, some of these pins' functions can be switched around. Sticking to the compatible layout if possible seems like a good starting strategy, though.