General purpose operating systems and computers

In my opinion the words "operating system" are not a formal description of anything. Such a thing does not exist. At best it means "whatever software that thing runs at minimum" or something like that. But programs are programs, whatever you decide to label them as. The line between a kernel, a library, and an application is very fluid as you will see if you ever implement an RTOS.

So, software that is used to run multiple loadable tasks in some kind of containment is usually what I consider a GPOS. Not real-time or control oriented except as an add-on.

Debian GNU/Linux

I've been a Debian user for a good while now. I've also run a ton of other things (mostly commercial Unixes). I believe in using whatever (ethically acceptable) tools work for you.


I have a couple of sparcstations, now in storage. An SS1+ that I got in 1998 or so and an SS5 that i got much later. I've held on to both even as I let go of a lot of other real computers.

SS1+ is a sun4c and Linux had a somewhat stained history with it. I did run some dist on it a long time ago, but mostly it's been BSD or sunos4.

SS5 has mostly been running OpenBSD and did firewall duty for a while. The BSD pf is a lovely thing.


I still have a 715/80 in storage. It has run HP-UX and Debian IIRC. It has also played host to an Envizex X terminal.

I also recently picked up a J6700.


I occasionally run into Windows that I need to use or possibly fix and naturally it may be an interesting target for some software because of availability and of course some tools, games etc are still "only" available for Windows.

I maintain an open mind and get along. Doesn't mean I have to like it.