Harri Haataja

This is a homepage of a sorts. Iteration that started around 2013. It's all static. It won't be a grand masterpiece of graphic design, but it might be an excuse to get some of that done. But content and simple kludgeless functionality will be the focus.

At least initially, it will be tech-heavy as that's what I'm most likely to document. It will be built up in-place so the content may change. I hope to keep the URI structure permanent. The blog side hopefully only gets added to chronologically.

I'd like to throw in some simple throwaway anonymous comment system that might let people point out bugs or suggestions. Meanwhile there will probably be no contact info here. It gets leaked out easily enough from other sites if you want to look. :)

In a name

My mom gave it to me. But it's long and/or extremely collision prone, so usernames are often needed. I'm afraid I haven't managed very well.


Well, back in 1994 or so, I needed a username probably for the first time. Looking around for inspiration in the library music room, there was a magazine article or something around about Damn Yankees. So, that was it. That got used in some other system, then an irc nick, then another. It would collide. I would use XTL (more pointless a backstory), but that was too short for some systems. Being the creative kind, I extended the nick to realblades and that's gotten copied around some more. I've even had to double the prefix a few times. I should have changed it. I should change it. But there it still is, in some places. Silly.


I drew up that monogram at some similar vintage and it's stuck with me. Maybe someone has come up with something similar, but I claim design and active use since 1994.