Lists of things (incomplete)

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I used to be a sysadmin. I'm an engineer now. I am not really a ninja, or a pirate, or a giant. I have no great talent, but I like to work at some things nevertheless.

Things I'm more or less familiar with include C and Python (my main tools), shells, Scheme (my old love), Haskell, Ruby, Javascipt, a little Forth, asm for a few architectures, VHDL, a peek at Go (golang) and Rust. Encodings and description languages like XML, HTML, XSLT. I used to know LaTeX and roff and some Postscript. Java, Awk, Sed/regexes and vi/ex, maybe even ed. Classic AI stuff and more mundane algorithms. Electronics and embedded computers in general. Circuit design, some analysis, schematic and board design. I've used Proteus, KiCad, Eagle, Mentor, Orcad, Tina, LTSpice, various raw spices, gnucap and other tools. Nothing in very considerable depth. Some motor and peripheral drives, communication systems, logic and processor design. MCS51 / 8051 / 8052 / 8031, AVR, MSP430, 16FX, MIPS, some ARMs, M68000, Rabbit. SPI, I2C, classic parallel buses, CAN, RS232 and co, UART/USART in general. A bit about LTE. Sgi, HP, IBM, Sun, Next, Amiga hardware. Unix and unixlike systems including NetBSD, OpenBSD, HP-UX, Aix, IRIX, Linux (Debian preferred, history with Redhat), Solaris, SunOS, Coherent. Plan9 perhaps. Internet, assorted protocols at places down to bit level, network setup, services, security. Some wireless networking. General debugging methods. Use of notebooks. Bootloading some systems. Framing and encoding. Some signal processing. Little programmable logic. Some machine building, smithwork, woodwork, typography, calligraphy, metrology, robotics, 3d printing. Sewing as needed. Cats. Coffee. Oneironautics. Some music for my own amusement. Guitars more intimately. Photography with focus on clarity. English and Finnish, mandatory level Swedish maybe. I'm toying with learning Italian, Spanish, and Russian.

I must find time and opportunity for things like learning lighting and visual composition. Drawing and painting. Playing keyboards, flutes, and anything else I can get my hands on. Making things. Vacuum tubes or thermionic valves. Languages. Psychology. Physical exercise and development. Manufacturing in small scale. Reading, movies, games, music, poetry, visual arts. Food. Web apps. User interfaces. Robotics. Android. Sleep.