Running Debian on Zyxel NSA310 NAS

I bought two of these boxes to use as random servers with local GB ether and SATA.

There is a first NSA310 Debian setup doc at old site.

I should install the second one. Try a stock kernel and maybe upgrading to Jessie. The peeter kernel boots and works but lacks most features and is old and abandoned. Rebuilding and patching is still an option.

Quickly looking, I don't see any stories of people running Jessie, or Kirkwood kernel for that matter, on an NSA310. There's probably lack of interest and a somewhat unpopular target. There aren't installers in the usual place either.

There is some mentions of building mainline kernels. I will have to test that and see if it would lead to a Debian kernel.

Some list talk sounds like ARCH_KIRKWOOD may be moved to ARCH_MVEBU in Debian.