Picked up a HP J6700

Posted at 2014-11-26.

Update: J6700 page added.

Looks like I picked up a HP 9000 / Visualize J6700 that was about to get thrown away.

It's a beefy-ish deskside. Two disks, no optical drive. Display card of some sort (no markings).

I think the memory slots were all filled and if these are 512 MB modules, that would make a nice 8 GB.

I haven't been able to locate a manual or much else and I've misplaced my HP-UX media. Haven't tried to boot it yet.

If I can find the time, I should see if it runs, what's really inside and can I make it run HP-UX or hppa Linux (Debian or Gentoo seem to be the top options). BSD's don't seem to have gotten very far.

Last time I've run hppa was a 715/80 that I do still have stashed away. I also had a 700/RX terminal (almost unrelated) that I sold or gave away.