Cheap Miracast dongles

Posted at 2015-06-13.

It seems there are a few kinds of Miracast (or the like, ipush seems to be another common keyword) dongles and the prices have crept well below $20.

Supposedly these run Linux or Android on some SoC and contain at least Wifi and HDMI outputs. It doesn't seem obvious if it's an Amlogic M806, but several pages list that. OTOH, they list "Single core A9" while M806 is a quad A5.

The "iPush Hi763" for one in some listings says RK2928 which indeed is a single A9.


Might be interesting to find out if the system image can be replaced. Just using these as Android terminals or info screens with abandoned old DVI-input monitors might be interesting.

I'm not hugely motivated as I don't have a good application myself. I did want to stash some links here, though.

The software also seems to be in a terrible state with scattered images and "tools" advicing running random downloaded binaries as root or Chinese language Windows apps.