World of Goo on Debian Jessie

Posted at 2015-06-27.

Another Humble Bundle game.

This one comes in .deb and .rpm. I tested the .deb.

System is Debian Stretch (testing) on amd64 with i386 libs through multiarch. Box is i5-2500K, 8G RAM, Radeon HD 6850 "Gallium 0.4 on AMD BARTS" 1920 x 1200 fullscreen with Free radeon driver.

World of Goo

The Debian package drops most of the game in /opt with some links. It's marked arch all with dependencies. Actually it contains a start script that guesses between amd64 and ia32.

Based on that guess, the script sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH and runs a matching binary ...and segfaults.

Tracing the run a bit, something goes wrong in SDL startup. Removing and from /opt/WorldOfGoo/libs64 made it run fine, as the system has working versions of these libraries. Why they were included (many others include them as well) and why theirs didn't work, I haven't looked into.

Game starts fullscreen and low-res, with no other options and no way to control the volume. You may wish to set the volume down before starting if you don't have an external volume control.

Most, if not all, input seems to also get trapped and you can't access other programs while playing.

There are some scattered documentation files in the package.