Testing stm32duino

Posted at 2015-07-14.

I saw stm32duino mentioned somewhere, and since Maple doesn't offer a current Windows install, I decided to test this project on a Win 8.1 laptop.

Yes, I'm exploring the evil side of the world for a change. Mostly hoping to expand my abilities through random software. At least Ignite and Soundtower are proving useful/fun.


screenshot of ASCIITable sketch
Succesful running of a sketch

I followed the instructions to install stm32duino on github, with a few diversions that I should write up, and everything mostly worked cleanly.

There is also a thread on Windows install on the forum.

Loading Blink and ASCIITable sketches (screenshot included) from the project files (the part copied to Documents/arduino/hardware) worked cleanly. The instructions and bat file that set up device ids also Just Work without disabling signature checking or any other evil tricks.


I'd like to see if I can convince e.g. Eclipse to use the AVR and ARM compilers included and perhaps load in ChibiOS or something.

Update: Blog: ChibiOS and Eclipse work

I did set up ChibiOS on Maple mini from a Linux host and toolchain before.

Both avrdude and dfu-util should be installed already.