'igor' the Chumby One

I came across a Chumby One with a cracked screen for sale. I was sure I could use the motherboard and the wifi bits inside. Even if nothing else worked, it was cheaper than the wifi module then.

Turns out the crack in the glass completely kills the touchscreen and the default sw is completely useless without it. Luckily you are quite free to replace it. You can also plug in a keyboard and get a shell, which is awfully handy.

"Porting" optware for packaging and stuff has crossed my mind. Or just setting up ipkg, but that means a whole load of integration work.

Plain Debian (emdebian?) would probably have the highest utility. Custom kernel and bootloader should be something to work around, but I'd rather not lug around a whole system underneath just to run Debian as a second class citizen inside a chroot.

I should get/fit a battery in it, most likely. It will be an interesting thing to be able to lug around or place anywhere.

I should get back to it sometime.