LC Tech version of Arduino Pro Mini


avr board wired
Hooked up

This is an AVR atmega168pa board. Cheap and cheerful. Marked with in the bottom silkscreen. The site lists Arduino Pro Mini modified ATmega168 AVR core board development board that appears to be this item. There doesn't seem to be any useful information.

It looks like it has a resonator on it along with an Atmega168PA. A Picopower version, that is.

The regulator is XC6206 (pdf datasheet) according to schematic. Ramping up RAW, it starts to operate at 2.? V and the regulator settles to 3.3 V Vcc at 3.? V. This makes it seem compatible to Pro Mini 168 3.3V version. Beware that the regulator will probably not handle over 6 V!

There is no USB interface of any kind.