Using Parallax Propeller chips

I have a few chips, but haven't really gotten to use them.

I set up a barebones Propeller board (blog) to test, with some success. There is no EEPROM for non-volatile program storage, so it's purely for RAM toying for now.

CP2104 USB adapter works nicely as an interface.


Supply voltage range is 2.7 – 3.6 V.

Important GPIO pins at boot:

P28   - I2C SCL connection to optional, external EEPROM. 
P29   - I2C SDA connection to optional, external EEPROM. 
P30   - Serial Tx to host. 
P31   - Serial Rx from host.

Crystal should be fully static DC - 80 MHz or, if using PLL, 4 - 8 MHz. 5 MHz is popular. There's more information in the manual, under clock register setup.