Raspberry Pi

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Model B

One of many little boards supposedly intended for running embedded Linux systems. Roughly 50€ price range ($25 was the dream).

The makers seem to be sneaking in evil such as Oracle (Java) and Make magazine that have always been intent on preventing progress and stealing name for themselves from others' efforts.

A nicer board might be the Olinuxino, but I would need to order one. Being shipped from EU and looking friendly to private buyers is probably a great bonus. Others include BeagleBone, and Carambola. RPi can be bought locally from Verkkokauppa or ELFA, maybe others, though.

Running Raspbian is probably most convenient.


BananaPi is a somewhat compatible product from LeMaker (I cannot resist a faux French pronounciation). There is some resemblance to Olimex and Cubieboard models. Quicker chip with newer architecture, less bottlenecks, SATA, battery and power management, IRDA, onboard mic (wtf?) etc. Completely incompatible camera and display connectors. Very poor, but possibly sufficient, documentation.


Things I'm doing on intending to do.