The Inner World on Debian Jessie

Posted at 2015-03-23.

I got around to trying Humble Bundle 12. So far I've only tried three of the games. Notes on Shadowrun and Tetrobot from earlier.

I thought I'd post a few technical details on the Linux binaries that don't come up in the descriptions.

System is Debian Jessie (testing) on amd64 with i386 libs through multiarch. Box is i5-2500K, 8G RAM, Radeon HD 6850 "Gallium 0.4 on AMD BARTS" 1920 x 1200 fullscreen with Free radeon driver.

The Inner World

The Inner World homepage

Install comes in a zip BOMB that luckily only contains two directories: Linux and \_\_MACOSX which also contains a dir named Linux. Looks like a resource fork? Linux is a dir (623 MB) with JAR files! There was of course no warning that Java would be involved.

I installed openjdk-7-jre along with java-common. With these, the game starts (java -jar TheInnerWorld.jar) and apparently runs nicely in a window. Sound output appears in pulseaudio mixer and plays through HDMI as it should.

The game says to click on edges for controls, but there nothing seems to happen. Maybe that requires fullscreen. Pressing tab will reveal the missing bits, though. Also, you can't seem to hover, but need to click to see if an item can be interacted with or not. Clicking may make the character walk instead. There doesn't seem to be any save handling. Maybe it's automatic.

Looks cute.

Edit: finished the plot. It looks like cut scenes are entirely missing or skipped automatically. Things just seem to happen in the plot, including the ending, and you end up at the start of the next part.

Version was 1.7.0.