ChibiOS Maple windows

Posted at 2015-09-30.

There are some truly inexpensive looking boards floating around, based on the Leaflabs Maple Mini, but somewhat stripped down.

I tested an older ChibiOS with Debian tools before. Now I intended to try 3.0.2.

Binaries for dfu-util run fine and -l detects a Maple in perpetual bootloader mode. I may have assigned a libusb driver to it before. I should have some arm compilers set up from before.

There are documents for Eclipse setup and using Eclipse with ChibiOS. There may also be something called ChibiStudio.

The guide also says OpenOCD is required. I seem to have 0.9.0 from before.

Running make directly in the demo dir fails. I suspect the make.exe in my path here causes that. I will have to get back to it.