More cheap Android TV boxes

Posted at 2016-08-03.

I've looked at those Miracast sticks before and now it seems there's more cheap Android TV devices turning up that could be interesting little hack boxes.

The model that caught my eyes first was NEXBOX A95X on banggood for $27.99. That's close to RasPI territory, but a neat box anyway. There's a shady preinstalled system but it seems it could be replaced. It's supposedly an Amlogic S905. Little more expensive A95X on Amazon.

There are (older) boxes with the S805 as well, such as this MXQ at $25.99. Also, some say S912 might be coming out soon.

NanoPI Neo is another tempting thing along with several other H3 boards that seem to be popping up. Software support for H3 is still pretty sparse, I think, but the prices are amazing.

I don't know if any of these are really worth the effort for me ATM, but still interesting.

edit: New S905 box?