MIDI related notes and things

I thought I should gather up some MIDI related things since I (intend to) mess with these things on occasion. I'm not intending to buy/download working stuff or produce anything profitable. Instead I'll take whatever I happen to come across and play around with it. The goal is learning, fun, and hobby oriented activities (take stuff apart, try things out and make something interesting) and there are no actual musical ambitions.

Notes to self



Here's some short notes on things I've tried or thought about. I should write/shoot/record some of these more carefully and collect useful links here in the future.

Connecting PC361 or MPK25 via USB (-MIDI) to Debian host Just Works. ALSA/Jack ports are available and can be patched into virtual instruments or other ports at will.

Controlling the Kurzweil with the Akai also work with a direct cable. Various channels seem to be connected to various sounds (including a drumkit) by default. Control changes (knobs, switches) are pretty easy to wire to the elaborate parameter banks of the PC3. It's a lot easier to fit a computer on the same area with the MPK25 than with something like the PC361. :)

Both keyboards accept expression pedals and transmitting that to the POD should be interesting. There is also a schematic for the floor board, though. The extra controls could also come in handy.

Once upon a time I also tested some (Tk?) patch editor for POD. It worked. Building similar little control panels might be interesting.

I've tested a few software synths and virtual keyboards. A disappointing note with all is that there doesn't seem to be a way to associate parameters with CC messages. There's an idea for a patch.

Bristol has tiny low-res (though amusing) bitmap graphics. The site is also almost contentless and it seems they've tried to use wikipedia as a web host. There's still a link on the site to deleted page.

I looked at Laborejo for a simple seq. It appears to be completely dead. Nice guides seem to be for a different version entirely, but there is no information on the versions, no web pages, no sources. Some note entry is possible, but no sign of MIDI connection and no useful messages.

Then there's Ardour, which seems quite immense. That would probably be the top target for interesting activity beyond just playing single parts.

Also, LMMS might be a more sequencerly option, but seems to demand Tcl/Tk for some reason. Not looking into it.

Seq24 is just brilliant, though. There are a few neat Youtube seq24 tutorials.