Taig arrives

Posted at 2016-03-31.

I finally managed to find, win, and receive a used Taig lathe. I had been considering sending a round of emails to sellers to see if I can get a new one and at what cost. I would have probably ordered a fairly complete one in a single shipping if I could and that might have been quite expensive. This was a nice start for a very reasonable sum and I can order a smaller package of parts instead if I feel like it.

Neper the cat in the box
Unboxing with the supervisor
Taig lathe
Taig lathe, unwrapped
Taig in pieces
Disassemble, clean and lubricate, check things.
Tailstock center is a bit chewed.

I'll need to build a base for this, get some kind of motor on and start testing. Then I'll start improving things and using this, I hope.